19 May, Food Revolution Day

Educate yourself to food you can. The 19 May around the world is the day of Food Revolution Day, a charity event created by Chef Jamie Oliver to promote nutrition education. The initiative aims to inspire and convey to people what is the food of better quality. Knowing what you eat is crucial to ensure a state of optimal health, and prevent diseases or disorders, come l’obesity, for example.

It is a World Festival, to date have already joined about 200 city 30 different countries, to promote the culture of good eating and a lifestyle more healthy for all. It will be the day of the revolution supply made by volunteers around the world working together to create hundreds of events involving schools, restaurants, farms, shops and private.

All “world events” are run by volunteers with no budget and is therefore very important to spread as much as possible the importance of this day. We modaestyle we try to make our contribution.

For more information, visit www.foodrevolutionday.com. For residents in Milan and Lombardy further details are on the website www.iandola.com (Francesco Iandola è Ambassador Lombardia).

MAIN EVENT The event will be attended by:
– Marco Bianchi, Nutritionist and Chef
Paola Maugeri, Virgin Radio
– Prof. Nicoletta Pellegrini
– Prof.ssa Irene Cetin
– Prof.. Lucio Lamberti
– Chef Roberto Di Mauro
– So Fabrizio, the pdosti of Mars