AMARE CIO’ THAT ': We accept and learn to live WELL

amare-cio-che-eThe title struck us. We had never heard of this book. But at the end of a very interesting course, to which we have dedicated an article on Moda e Style (the Gym AntiStronzi), we were invited to read a book: What is love, written by Byron Katie. It seems wise to assume the usual jam-packed with tips and illuminating… In fact, we found plenty of food for thought to say the least interesting, an indispensable tool for supporting us in certain situations, but as a means “clarifier” to help us manage the emotional, which often play tricks on us and create blocks from which it is never easy to get out.

So if you want to replace the pain with the joy and smile, transform depression in lightness, find freedom, arrive at new insights and profound life, Loving what is makes the Vostro case: you (or at least groped) change your life and set it according to specific rules.

The book will show you step by step, through clear and illuminating examples, how to successfully use a revolutionary process. It is not for us, however, make the examples, because every situation is a case in itself, and each person reacts according to specific emotional stimuli.

Basically Byron Katie asks four questions that, applied to a specific problem, allow you to focus it in a different light, providing an effective process of inquiry called The Work (The Work), used by people of all ages and backgrounds, thanks to which you can discover how even the most stressful beliefs about life, others or themselves may radically change, while the existence turns in an irreversible way.

amare-vita-amare-se-stessiThrough this process, anyone can learn to trace the roots of unhappiness to eradicate definitively. Perhaps it would be more correct to say, shaping our point of view to better deal with a reality in which we find it hard to get along. Unfortunately,, often, we decide not to “hurt us”, rather it is more complicated “take the pack” and do not burst. Managing an existence that was not or is not exactly what we had imagined is a tough nut to crack, but if there are tools, rules, recommendations or strategies to find a palliative that in the long run will really help you to live well, or better, depends on your expectations in this regard.

Loving what is not only shows us that all the problems have their roots in our thoughts, but also provides us with a tool to open our minds and regain the freedom that so desperately seek.

Title: Loving what is
Author: Byron Katie
Editions: The Meeting Point
Price: 15,90 Euro