Love too? We want a cure! - Stake 1

Donne-che-amano-troppoI'm probably a rarity women so. Those who do not give up, Unfortunately, despite the evidence. Those who believe in eternal love and the power of the same. Those who hope that the love call it love.
There are some exceptional women, but women who are just evil, why not willingly accept the end of a feeling that probably will not come back to make the heart beat of the partner who has left.

The issue is dealt with very well by the American psychologist Robin Norwood in a book written nothing less than the years 70, but always present, especially in recent times. Let's talk about “Women Who Love Too“, a manual more than a wise, able to instruct us women in the management of affective dependencies (mal riposte).

Love is not suffering. Yet he loves and suffers. This is an indication that we are loving too. This is demonstrated by the fact that we have no other thought during our days that is not "him" to 360 °, or I wonder how it is, what he is doing, but I will be thinking, I wonder if he still has feelings for me ... (try it!!).
But that's not all, in front of our interlocutors, when we (always) to speak of him, we identify as a defense attorney, because instead of "tarnish" his image we are to defend, justify and pity for the life he has chosen to lead without us. It is not logical, not found? Yet every day we make this mistake. Well ... it makes no difference, does not call, does not write, does not prove any kind of interest in us, when probably maintains a loving relationship with another woman or pseudo, regardless of the sentence that is causing his absence, but for us it is a poor Christ.

If we add the fact that he had no childhood at all "happy", becomes a mission for us: treat hiscouple-with-distance-in-bed wounds, as nurses, Red Cross or in the worst case: we replace her mother. We love too, and when you love too our role as companions, even before the report's end, disappears, leaving room for the guardian of his ills. There are hopes for the management of a healthy relationship. We forget our femininity and we think that what we are dispensing in terms of action is the best for our companion. And we women feel fulfilled because the "cuddle" and we do not miss anything. Wrong! The do not miss the love, attraction, being his woman.
When you love too, we become prisoners of this feeling, and you may lose the compass.

The way to break it is increasingly plain. And you end up getting lost before you even realize. But who shot the spring, increasingly, is the male component, less and less attracted by his partner and increasingly distracted by women instead represent the exact opposite of those who have in the house.

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