Love too? We want a cure! - BET 2

coppia_triste2_web400--400x300Which brings us to the second appointment with the Special “Women who love too much“. We hope you share with us if you like this article, and let us go to some comments. Next week we will publish the third chapter and the penultimate chapter of this report. Good reading from Moda e Style.

He has a bad temper, or difficult, depending on your point of view, we do not share his behavior and his reasoning, but boy (apparently) good. When we live these situations are certainly not happy, we adapt, despite agreeing to these "flaws", looking to hire seductive attitudes and affection, with the aim of groped a change in our partner. Wrong again! No change for love, us once again that love too.

And then what we risk? Rather, what we're up? A malaise inner, chi not happy or fully satisfied by thelacrime partner, from anywhere you are, he lives as if suspended between an idealization of the perfect story to the illusion that everything may turn in the right direction. The worst that can happen is a physical collapse, where the expense will be the health (loss of appetite, increased vulnerability to illness of season, resulting in weight loss).

The problem is not too much to love a man, but not enough to love themselves. I do not believe in their own abilities, not realize that there are many ways to show your love to a man. And instead, often, it happens that you suffocate the real certainties to make room for clumsy attempts to be and show what we are not. We want to see strong, we do not care to say I Love You, but rather: look what I made for you ... And I do not listen to our fellow, postponing indefinitely what he asks of us ... not realizing that we are destroying something much bigger.

donne-mamme-lavoratrici-stressateBut who are the women who love too much? What a life lead? What personality have? We try to answer this question, with a detailed description: responsible, socially engaged, also cultivate some hobby, successful in interpersonal relationships, but has low self-esteem, or better is not fully aware of their potential, Despite encouragement of partners. They do not care of their image (not aesthetic), we say that there are some great pr in terms of sponsorship of themselves. The Erro (The third major) that you make in order to feel safer is groped want to influence and control others and turn them into your clone or at least be in a most congenial to them. We would say ... Sci-Fi, no? Eppure credeteci, do not you realize this either. And they could not even begin to hear more of what our partner wants from us.