Love too? We want a cure! - Stake 3

cuore a pezziThe greatest fear of women who love too much is the abandonment. I am terrified by the idea of ​​being left, so obsessed that they prefer to settle for boring existence, little happy with a man who fully satisfies their emotional needs, rather than saying: better alone than badly accompanied. It takes courage to cut the umbilical cord, ma a furia di tirarla la corda, si sa, sooner or later it breaks. It breaks! Because these men bound or glued with mastic sooner or later get tired, are empty and they go, but not before he had poured his attention to another woman, because a man does not leave his company until he has found a "valid" (they say) Acting, who happens to be the exact opposite of their former unwitting. But this is a topic that we will address in part, if you want it later, speaking of men (sorry dear little men) who do not know how to love, or rather too little love! The value of a person, even with all its flaws has not always been able to appreciate it when you are distracted by other. To you has not happened? And you noticed too late ...

Any way we speak it is always women who are wrong. It is ironic statement. We repeat: we are women who commit the unforgivable mistakes, first of all to ourselves. If we think that the woman is the pivot of the family, that however you think is the woman who runs the shack, it is logical to believe that women want, pretendano certain aspects receive proper attention from their partner, but often the error (number 4), you do is create expectations, when the basic assumptions are not met. What if will adventure, always trying to give the best of themselves to others without just compensation.ragazza-allo-specchio2

It is essential from the love for ourselves to build a healthy relationship with your partner. This "too much" love towards your partner, is feeling, affection that we deny to us. It is a duty to enhance our soul and our figure of women to be able then to manage a balanced relationship with anyone. It is extremely essential to develop an intimate relationship with themselves, remember this. If we do not love enough we will not be able to receive any kind of love, and we will not be happy in any circumstance.

When you take note of this deficiency to themselves? When a love affair ends. When, looking at us in the mirror does not recognize, and we ask ourselves who is the woman that we see them. It is precisely at this moment that we are at a crossroads: begin to dig in and start a "love affair" to our person, or let us go more and more, until the collapse of psychophysical.


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