Blogger Day Ska Shoes Official Pictures

Chronicle of a day dedicated to Fashion Blogger and the stars of the web to celebrate the Spring / Summer collection signed Ska Shoes. Let's go back to tell you about, through a photographic document, after all we had promised, no?

Ready? It starts with the official photos of the day Moda e Style spent in the World Ska Shoes. On this occasion, thank you Roberto Broggi for photographs, Ska Shoes for the invitation and the great professionalism, as well as all bloggers occurred.

2014-11-27-ESPRESSOCS-SKA-0772Of course, before each shooting respecting, makeup and wigs are a must. So here's boys Essence Academy, prepared and cordial. A special thanks to the one who raises our curly making them lightweight like soap bubbles, Walter Tiberius Beretta and his Only Woman. And now we let the images of Roberto Broggia a “documentation” the first Blogger Day Should Shoes. May, instead, continue to follow Moda e Style! Ska Shoes, Stylishoes!

What can happen by surrounding a woman with Will Shoes? Screams and his hair!


Blogger yes, but first of all women!

2014-11-27-ESPRESSOCS-SKA-0132-йSka Shoes welcomes the own set friends and new acquaintances, including expectant mothers.

And to stay on the subject of sweet expectations, drafting Moda e Style presents his best wishes to our friend Carola Disiot of Purses in the Kitchen and his little creature!

The shooting continues to be a blogger to another, from a dancer to another, involving every welcome guest, we included! Some, then could not miss the staff of Ska Shoes, who knew how to animate with his sympathy the goal of the patient and sympathetic Roberto Broggi.

More, blondes, united under the banner of Ska Shoes! Whatever your style, Ska Shoes is ready to meet your every need to look!




Raining shoes on the set of Ska Shoes!



And, that’s it!

Ska Shoes, the world at your feet!