Blogger Day Triumph: Moda e Style presente!


An afternoon of fashion and fun. In the past few days Triumph International organized the blogger Christmas day devoted to some fashion blogger and Moda e Style had the honor to participate as “Special Guest“, to document this pleasant afternoon between lingerie and sweets. Meet at 14 at the shop Piazza Cordusio. To welcome the team of bloggers from different regions of Italy, Triumph of the store team and efficient press office Antonella Asnaghi and Associates, who invited the guests to participate in a course of Cup Cake design led by Paola “Powdered Sugar”, which is armed with sympathy and, the Nostra Parera, a lot of patience.


setKit pastry ready, Triumph branded red apron and go to the training session that allowed the students to achieve four cup cake decorated with a Christmas theme. Little dimistichezza, but a very affiata team and especially a lot of solidarity between colleagues… The result? You can see in the pictures that we publish accompanying this article. At the end of the course, the surprises are not over. A Christmas-themed flashmob live session with rap greeted passersby, but above all bloggers, that before his leave from the day of “special education” have been immortalized in one final shot. We thank Daisy and Elena press office Antonella Asnaghi and Associates, Paola Powder Sugar and all the team shop, extremely friendly and patient.


And here you have some shots that have immortalized Monica Fashion and Style struggling with his culinary creations! To begin with… the reaction to the kit and Simona Mazzei of Fiammisday … our. Very interesting! And after all the work in a very familiar.


And here's Monica struggling with his own kit



Group meeting…


intro tutte insieme


Patience and skill

al lavoro

Ed Tocco either the noi



A little help, that never hurts!



I hope that I manage..




Some of the beautiful lingerie


With mannequins dressed to the nines


Monica and Paola Powder Sugar


And it's all! We finished!

ioe cupcake

Hello friends!