Free samples, news from the companies?There's Products to be tested!

EUROSA Moda e Style like to tell the fashion, advise the look of the day, a review show o un book. But most of all we like to provide suggestions or let you know the various opportunities that the Web is able to give with regard to initiatives in which you can take part for free, sometimes receiving small gifts. Among our fans and friends we have found an interesting profile: Products to be tested, managed by Francesca Borzacchiello; his page Facebook was born on 31 May 2013, with the aim of helping people to get free samples of products that would usually be purchased. In a nutshell, an original way to deal with the crisis that afflicts millions of families.

Un hobby, which over time has become a "mission", gathering an increasing number of consents (1262 fan su facebook), but especially by expanding the collaboration with companies from all sectors, that in return they get visibility. “For the initiatives need to be very patient and do a lot of research”, Francesca says: “There is quite a lot 'of work to manage, but in the end my satisfaction is in finding the happiness of the people who follow me”.
Among the companies with which we quote Francesca has worked Grok, Bella Lodi, Creaclip, Lost Scents (in the picture), Dekoidea, Tec.Al, Alchemy Nature, Eudorex, FORZA10, Morgan Pharma (pictured on the cover) and Egyptian Magic. We speak of articles for personal beauty, food to taste or everyday objects, In short there is something for everyone!

prodotti da testareOpen a blog today is not just a hobby, especially through what you write is somehow manages to provide a service or to be useful to their readers. In the coming days we will present the experiences of other women or girls who have turned their passion into a hobby, a job or a window to communicate their skill or talent you want to share with others. Francesca the greatest satisfaction is to share "Products to be tested" and receive acknowledgments like these: “I just read the note, is beautiful, thanks!!!! We we move Monday, we are so stressed out! I hope to have the internet 5 the 6 August, I send you as soon as we set new little things…"Or"Wow thank you, we love it. You did a great job. Thank you for your support. Thank you for choosing CreaClip!

Service Information: to follow Products to be tested I like simply click on the page Facebook reference and select “add to lists of interest”.