What to wear? Here's the manual for beginners fashion

ClickHandler.ashxAnd here we are. Let's talk about books and we do it in style with brand new output, that talks about fashion, fashion everyday, the fashion of those who perhaps with a little’ more difficult than the other, struggling to find the right combinations, or simply to fully valorise. Se valiamo 10 because up to valorise 6? We must demand the best for ourselves, but above all to please us and please others. The book of which we speak through the voice of its author is authoritative “What to wear?– Small manual fashion for beginners of Anna Venus, editions Astraea.


Anna Venus, tell us a little’ you and your blog.

I was not always a lover of fashion, but for sure I have always been graphomaniac, despite the Italian teachers have always tried to dissuade me with bad grades, the idea of ​​the blog was born because when I learned, with great difficulty, that certain garments I donavano more than others, because of my small bust and my hips, I started to wonder why there was not a manual on the subject. Not finding any publication that would satisfy me, I decided to open the blog, and I never expected that one day he would become a book.

“What to wear?” is a phrase that haunts a little’ all women, especially on special occasions. What are the answers that you have given in this book?

What do I wear a question seems superficial, but hides a lot of anxieties: by the fear of not being up to, hatred for their appearance, the desire for revenge against a society that sees women only as an external object. In this book, I wanted to provide practical advice, in order to help even those who are not fond of fashion to solve the problem, always keeping in mind that if a dress does not fit well, does not mean that we do not go well, but only that we chose the wrong dress or we were ill-advised.556357_10152324838845576_697935756_n

The body of every woman is different, but fashion dictates its own rules and we often want to transgress creating styles or sometimes look red card. What are your recommendations about?

Per me the fashionable, the one with a capital M, it's like a parade: Note, see what's on, and assess whether you like it or not and whether to buy it or not. Even if you do not intend to follow, we must come to terms, because it decides what is sold in stores and what will more easily. Fortunately, in recent 10 years change so quickly that there is more to be “unfashionable” (except perhaps in certain circles that few women attending), there is only the be dressed in clothes that we do not feel imposed, but that really give us.

Last question, because the rest is just to read… Accessories are also important, a mis-match can cost you dearly. Specifically which bags to choose a business appointment and which ones we can safely wear in social occasions… What to be avoided…

For me the most important thing to have a beautiful set of basic accessories, bags shoes and scarves for example basic colors (black, beige, brown for example) that it matches well at each end and at every opportunity. I could tell you a fact that average boxy bag is more suitable for an interview and a clutch bag for an evening gala, but the only truth is you should avoid the bag is worn or damaged and very sporty (for example canvas) it does not matter if it comes from a flea market or costs half of an average salary, you can use the same bag as if it is in excellent condition, while many women often neglect.

I forgot… What to wear? Avra a sequel?

More than one sequel I'm thinking of something that combines a manual to what I do in the courses, in short, a book that will help not only to dress in clothes that give us, but that will accompany the difficult path of self-acceptance. But for now it is all in my head, and I still have not found the time to devote.


We thank Anna Venus for availability and to you readers Moda e Style strongly recommend that you buy this book you will no doubt help us valorizzarci, to be always on top!