Cosmoprof 2014 Part 3: Nesti Dante Florence, With love and care….

100_6530Cosmoprof 2014 was for us to Moda e Style a valuable opportunity to get in touch with Nesti Dante, aompany Florentine family-owned, founded in 1947 of Nesti Dante, today one of the leading European plants for the production of soap with the classic method, a caldaia.

Moda e Style considers simplistic to simply define “saponi” products Nesti Dante Florence,with love -and care“, as stated in the claim of the company; the reason is obvious: get your hands on one of the products Nesti Dante Florence calls for a visual experience, olfactory and tactile hard to forget.

Let's start with what appears to our eyes, UN packaging, un design, of colors and designs that rivals the best watercolorists in circulation. Elegance and style really from another time. A beauty certainly attributable to the beautiful and young designers, Carolina Nesti daughter of Roberto Nesti, (Now the direction of the soap) who welcomed us into their booth.

100_6533Olfactory as, the delicious scent given off by the soap will accompany you in the daily personal hygiene, but that could also give scented notes to your drawers and cabinets.

Tactile starting from the package, an opaque striped wrapping paper from the hand supported pleasant to the touch (as its content can be used to scent drawers and linen), and naturally the creaminess of the foam emitted from the soap in contact with water due to neutral fats vegetable.

100_6531Important to emphasize that all production Nesti Dante is rigorously carried out in an environmentally, completely natural and biodegradable and not tested on animals. Moreover, the Company's philosophy speaks clearly :”We will work to not always be the greatest, but to be the best“.

100_6528The range of vegetable soaps Nesti Dante includes solid soaps sustainable and ecological, vegan, free of sulfates, parabens the synthetic surfactants and Olive mineralized or liquid soaps, these without parabens and with 100% Oil d’ Olive. Do not forget the candles plant! Scented, handmade with non-toxic vegetable waxes, biodegradable e naturali. Product vegan and cruelty-free of course!

Hurry to discover the range of soaps and candles Nesti Dante and lose yourself among the series Romantic, Emotions in Tuscany, Colli Fiorentini, Philosophy, Horto Botanico, The Orchard, The herbs, Paradiso Tropical, Lavender, Le Rose, Amorino Soap, Chic Animalier, Carolina and Edoardo (for little ones ..), The Purest, Chocolate Soap and the new lines Bio Nature made with organic extracts of plants and cereals and Sweet Living, tribute to the beauty of the Italian lands.

100_6797Moda e Style is proud to supportNesti Dante Florence, Italian excellence that exports its products all over the world and thank you dearly for the delicate and very welcome thought.