flumi1Being in a town in the province of Milan, Rho, along a narrow road with little traffic and come across as if by magic in a typical restaurant. We read the sign: Dal Fluminese. It is a restaurant Sardo, family-run, very elegant inside, with attention to every detail: we remain very impressed by the extreme care and elegance with which the tables are, but especially the fresco depicting workers Sardinians in traditional costume of the place in an explosion of colors.
We are greeted by a nice and friendly hostess who gives us some valuable tips on dishes to order, rigorously prepared by the skilled hands of the cooks. Before proceeding with the order, we carry on with drinks; despite the extensive wine list, we prefer to opt for the famous Sardinian beer Ichnusa.
The hunger is felt, then proceed with the selection of courses: composed of two entrees The cutting of the Island and Cheese roasted honey Orange, I Culurrgiones Ogliastrini (and please do not Compare that to those sold in supermarkets) and The Cut Of Gennargentu (carasau crust and cheese). First Comment: Delicious. Second consideration: after the starters are unable to enjoy the goodness of the first and second because it really is all very abundant. So the advice I give is to proceed to ordering a maximum of two courses, then, for charity, if you have a stomach "very large", trust also in special menus, that are a veritable explosion of goodness and treats not to be missed.
flumi2A classy restaurant, with a focus on local cuisine, which left us really pleasantly surprised. Places like these do not often meet in the city, especially in a small village in the province of Milan such as Rho, where it is difficult to think of spending an evening with food and wine 5 location.
From Fluminese everything is prepared at home: from artisan bread, homemade hors d'oeuvres, from fresh pasta to the second of the fireplace, until the captive (for us it was this time, but we will not fail to taste) homemade.
We highly recommend this restaurant to anyone looking for quality cuisine, willing to spend a little more than usual, but all in the name of Good Food, excellence derived from the love for one's origins and traditions.
And if you ask who made you know this place well appointed Moda e Style, we would be happy to have done a little 'advertising in one of the few, rare places where tradition is respected in all its peculiarities.