Estate 2011: the best solar for a safe tan and natural

Clear Skin? Slightly amber? The solution lies in solar you choose.
Sunbathing is the goal that all women want to achieve at all costs with the arrival of summer. The holidays are imminent, so you need to prepare better to avoid the dreaded sunburn and all the consequences that poor exposure to the sun leads to.

The choice of a cream or lotion spray is very important and must be made taking into account many variables: the type of skin (fototipo), l’età, the intensity of the sole, the exposure time, the degree of insolation and duration of holidays. For this reason, be sure to protect your skin with sunscreen products specific from the first to the last day of vacation: it is important to choose a high protection factor for the first few days of exposure to the sun or when no one is exposed to the sun for a long time.
After the first few days of sun exposure, the skin has started to tan and is no longer subject to rashes, and it is in this phase that come into play another category of cosmetics that will make the most immediate tanning, intense, persistent exercising effective protection from the action of rugogena UVA.

As every year, the choice of the ideal solar falls on thousands of products that promise glowing skin, protected and moisturized. And here you have a wide selection of the best brands in perfumery and in supermarkets: Clarins lance Very High Protection UVA / UVB 50+ – formulated for skin intolerant or exposed to extreme sun and, in general, for those looking for a high sun protection at the forefront.
The new solar Coconut & Lime of Bottega Verde combines the properties of emollient and moisturizing milk coconut extract Lime, rinfrescante and toning. Among the products in the line Milk spray supertanning with Coconut Milk and Lime extract ideal for dark skin and for the last few days of vacation when the skin is already colored (€ 10,99).
For estate 2011 Clinians shows the Transparent Solar Spray SPF 10 e l’Solar Protective Oil for BodyHair and SPF 15 (€ 14,19). Thanks to the innovative formula DNA Defence Complex and UVA / UVB skin is tanned and protected. The exclusive DNA Defence Complex contains active cosmetics that protect the skin and repair cellular DNA during exposure to the sun.
For Avon c’è ANEW SOLAR ADVANCE. The patented technology Repair Shield Technology helps protect the skin from the sun and is formulated to act on 50% skin damage associated with exposure. The first benefits are seen after 24 hours after application. Among the products on the line there is Sunscreen eyes and lips, a practical multi-purpose stick: on the one hand Nourishing Cream Eye Contour, on the other Emollient Light helps to protect the eye area and lips from UV rays and diminish immediately the appearance of lines and wrinkles (€ 25)
The sun ruin your hair, dries them and cause color fading and split ends. The formulations MediterraneanNo Rinse ConditionerB5 with panthenol, detangling and protective hair shiny and protected with a minimum of effort. To vaporize the lengths, concentrating on the ends (€ 9,00).
are free of SLES and rich in active principles reinforcing, protective and nourishing, as the L’Occitane reinterpreta un Best Sellers: the fresh fragrance of citrus and Verbena. A special limited edition line to take with you on vacation because formulated to protect the skin from the sun's rays. Milk Body Protector is a body milk, alcool free, that moisturizes the skin and helps protect it from the harmful rays of the sun and delicately perfumes. The fresh and light texture absorbs quickly, leaving no residue on the skin. SPF 15 Limited Edition (€ 21,00).
For Collistar the novelty is the Spray tanning moisturizer, application of ultra-fast water resistant SPF 10-20-30 (€ 26-27), with the practical nebulizer 360 °, which allows for a quick and perfect application of the product all over your body. The product penetrates immediately, leaving the skin soft, supple and hydrated thanks to oli di Jojoba and Tamanu. Due to the richness in fatty acids and vitamins, the oil extracted from the nuts of the Tamanu also defends against damage ozone and enhances the anti-free radical and anti-aging vitamin E present in the solar. A blend of photostable filters ensures constant protection from UVA and UVB rays, while the oleoyl tyrosine stimulates the formation of melanin by accelerating the tanning.