FashionCamp 2011: tra contest and temporary shop

Workshop interesting and aggregation. FashionCamp not only is this! An event open to creativity, to the imagination and the desire to be the protagonists of the fashion lives at 360 °.
Here's to you the rich program of initiatives which give space to their inspiration and… Who knows, with a little 'luck one of you will also become the face of a real advertising campaign!

Competitions and contests for all!
, brand specialized in the production of jeans, FashionCamp to launch the contest “Looking for Maggie“, in order to find the bloggers who will have the privilege of becoming the real Maggie.
Shouting "Women will save the world”, pay-off chosen by his wife Maggie to identify the reference, will be asked to bloggers who participate in the contest to send a couple of folders examples of two typical days of Maggie, through meetings, places and interviews with women who are working to change the world. In September, the winner will be decreed blogger. Since October, one who will represent Maggie, will be traveling around Europe to meet women who are changing the world, gathering interviews for the blog which will be the author.
Wednesday 8 June at 17.00 Group
Coin launches contest Play with FashionCamp: Coincard at the office on the 6th floor of the store Coin Square Five Days in Milan, you can discover the latest fashion trends Spring Summer 2011 along with two expert style staff FashionCamp: Arianna Chieli and Tamara NOCC.
Quiksilver invites you to participate in its Creative Workshop where you will be able to customize clothes and t-shirts denim brand. Quiksilver also organizes the photo challenge 'Summer is / Summer is ...': at its stand will be able to choose your favorite outfit and then be photographed by staging his own vision of summer.
The photographs will be published on the page
Facebook di Quiksilver Women e, 72 hours after the end of camp, the photograph that receives the most 'likes' will receive a voucher worth 250 euro to spend on e-store brand.
The stand
MAYLILY there will be a real photo shoot, with team photographer (Philip Messina) e stylist (Maria De Los Angeles) professionals, and who will be able to be photographed playing according to their taste jewelry and accessories brand, chosen with the aid of the stylist.
The photos will be posted on the site MAYLILY, on the Facebook page and the journal Spray magazine. The most voted photo will win a € 200 voucher to spend on the site maylily and the winner of the photo contest could also become the face of the new campaign image MAYLILY.

Temporary Shop
Tamara NOCC, cool hunter e fashion consultant, present 15/20 brand of emerging designers, selected for creativity and innovation, that will be exposed and exploited in a temporary shop where you can buy their creations. The Temporary Shop FashionCamp wants to be a privileged moment of promoting new and young talents who combine a passion for fashion design research and entrepreneurship. Among the brands selected: Arti.Sani, Barbara La Lia, Benedetta Bruzziches, So Blue Almost Black, Fara Collection, LC23, The Enverses, Little Black Dress, Made in Pa, Maiden-Art, Real