Flapper’s Borse Artigianali: unique accessories designer Sonia Conca

soniaflapper'sBags, borsellini, ghette, hats and much more, absolutely everything in pure style Flapper ‘s 20s.…Creator of these precious accessories, Sonia Conca, struck by the photos of her maternal grandmother, decided to revive the magic and elegance of those years in a continuous stream of dreams and precious fabrics. His mission? Create unique pieces, come l’ uniqueness of each of us. Artisan pieces filled with love and skill. A Dream, a passion, for which Sonia did not hesitate to move to Berlin, young and vibrant city with many opportunities.

We had the opportunity to meet this young artist a few years ago, savor the’ delicate soul as decided, read in his eyes the beauty who would later take shape for each of us… We have not yet found our “Flapper’s”, but we are convinced that will soon arrive. Meanwhile, invite each of you to take a look at the creations of Sonia and why not to give a little dream only your.