Halloween tra i libri… Choices of Fashion and Style

Chills down my spine. Page after page, the feeling of wanting to know more and do not want to stop reading that book. And if you fell into a perfect evening, soft light, with only the silence that surrounds. On the evening of Halloween, if you have nothing planned, Choose a Book, in style “horror” or high voltage. Moda e Style chose his poker best sellers, which we hope will find your approval.

Sono tra gli autori più popolari e amati dai lettori che prediligono i generi horror e thriller. We present to our friends at Fashion and Style four readings that, above all, tonight will keep you company, whatever the mood that will accompany. Good night and good reading.

Author: Stephen King
Publisher: Sperling & Copper
Pages. 480
Euro 19,90

Mr MercedesAt the dawn of any day, before the employment office of a US citizen affected by the economic crisis, hundreds of young people, women, men are waiting in the hope of finding a job. Instead, suddenly emerging from the fog, come upon them a roaring gray Mercedes, che spazza via decine di persone per poi sparire alle prime luci del giorno. The killer will never be found. Un anno dopo William Hodges, a retired police officer, receives the message mocking Mr.. Mercedes, who challenges him to find him before he performs the next massacre. In a desperate race against time and against the Killer, the old Hodges have to rely on the intelligence and experience to stop his sadistic enemy. He then began a relentless manhunt, a chess game between good and evil, built by a master of suspense Stephen King. Un thriller ad alta tensione, two antagonists overtime: il sanguinario Brady – Mr. Mercedes – that ignores the meaning of the word consciousness, e l’ironico Hodges, superlative heir of Marlowe Chandler, sore and thirsty for justice.

Author: Joe Hill
Publisher: Sperling & Copper
Pages. 672
Euro 19,90

Hill NOS4A2Charlie Manx has more than a hundred years and drives a Rolls Royce 1938 with the personalized license plate NOS4A2. It seems like a harmless old man with a white beard who likes kids. But it is not Santa Claus: is a sadistic murderess. For years kidnaps children – after having killed his parents, considers that inadequate – and takes them with her car Christmasland, the country of Christmas. An amusement park in a parallel world, where it is always Christmas and the kids never grow up. A stop is the small Vic, with special powers, that allow it to escape the maniac and get back in the real world. When Charlie, years after, escapes from the psychiatric prison where Vic did lock up and, to take revenge, kidnaps his son, she will be the only one able to challenge…


Author: Jeffery Deaver
Publisher: Rizzoli
Pages. 496
Euro 19,00

lombradelcollezionistaOf his victims he does not want the body, wants only the skin: to mark her death. It's a cold November, a New York, and the streets swept by wind and snow is around a serial killer. It is shrewd, fierce, relentless. It attacks men and women in the basement, drag them in the dark and damp tunnels that extend labyrinthine underground, tattoo ink them with a poison on the skin leaving their posts made incomprehensible numbers and letters; then abandon them to a slow and excruciating agony. Who is and what he wants? And the tattoo on his arm bearing, a centipede with red fangs and a human face, has a meaning? A look at the first signs, The killer seems to be inspired by the Bone Collector, the notorious criminal who for more than ten years before the city was thrown into terror and put a strain on the talent brilliant deductive Lincoln Rhyme. This time, backed by trusted Sachs and the whole team, America's most famous criminologist will be forced to unravel a dark maze of red herrings and twists, in race against time to foil a mad and evil. Because the past never dies, The enemy is never far away.

Author: David Cronenberg
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Pages. 352
Euro 18,50

divoratiNomads freelance obsessed with technology, Nathan and Naomi are a couple of photojournalists always looking for topics gory handling with the ease of information in the social. Naomi, specializing in crime news, is passionate about the story of two charming French intellectuals, Celestia e Aristide Arosteguy. Celestine was found dead and horribly mutilated in her apartment in Paris: The police suspect that it was just her husband, currently unavailable, to ucciderla. And to eat parts of his body. Meanwhile Nathan, who writes about medical topics, is located in Budapest to make a part of a controversial surgeon. When he finds out that he had contracted a rare venereal disease, Nathan decides to fly to Toronto to meet its discoverer, old Dr. Roiphe. Naomi, in the meantime, goes in search of Aristide. What dark plot ties the two stories? What fate awaits the two unscrupulous journalists? Devoured is the first novel by David Cronenberg, urgent and provocative, brutal and ironic, a magnificent obsession of bodies and objects, extreme sexuality, international conspiracies.