Just cosmetics in favor of the fight against childhood bone cancer

Rays of Color"Is the new Miniset created by Just Italia, a small cosmetic bag that contains three brightly colored cosmetics for the body but, above all, gives a contribution to a social initiative, because the purchase of this product helps to bring a ray of hope to many children suffering from bone cancer.
The Miniset is the central element of the initiative that the Foundation has made Italy Just with 'Meyer Hospital in Florence e la Onlus “We for You for Meyer”, association of parents who fight against leukemia and childhood cancers.

Every year Fondazione Just Italia funds a medical research project, for children. By anno 2012 Research on the Foundation supports the development of a new therapy based on stem cells for the treatment of pediatric bone tumors. The funding provided is € 200.000, intended to cover the costs of staff, technical equipment and clinical trials. Just Italian Foundation is committed to contribute to the project; but it should also be noted that the willingness of consumers to purchase the kit and the benefits of the Company's allowed to greatly exceed the amount originally planned.

The kit Rays of Color, created to support the initiative, is something truly original because it contains three cosmetics that represent a genuine burst of nature and spring:

Comfrey Cream Gel, based on extract of comfrey, friendly, Vitamins E. In gel formulation, fresh and light, offers rapid relief in the points affected by strains, sprains and strains.
Crema Calendula: a concentration of aroma and sweetness in a cosmetic emollient and protective, with marigold extract, malva ed echinacea.
Pedicream, exerts a powerful action on the feet softening and moisturizing, thanks to high-quality plant extracts and essential oils.

The cosmetic bag with three products (in formato 30 ml) is sold at a price of € 18,00 of which € 1,50 in favor of "We for You for Meyer Onlus"

Just like all cosmetics, also Miniset "Rays of Color" is available exclusively at home. To order and contribute to the initiative you need to contact the company (www.just.it; or tel. 045/8658111) that will instantly put you in touch with the manager of your local area.

Just a thank you to the press office who gave us this news!