The crotto Wolf: specialties from the Valtellina 4 location

TIMG_4588uncertain ime, little optimistic forecasts, but no desire to get in the kitchen, so better get groped by the idea of ​​getting in the car and leave for a trip out of town. Destination As. Place of lunch: unknown.

Going before the highway and then along the lake we decided to continue up the hill and look for a place to stay for lunch. Aimlessly, without having booked and stomach anxiously awaiting. The clock 13,30, we begin to fear that no restaurant or pizzeria would allow us to consume a meal worthy of being called such.

At one point we see a sign, arrive in the parking lot of the restaurant and discover that it is closed for change management. We ask for advice, but the only straight that we are given is: "Walk up the hill, do not get off on Long Lake, certainly eat better and spend the right ". We accept the suggestion and continue uphill to Monteolimpino and we see another sign: The Crotto del Lupo. Yet 1,5 km away and here we are at your destination.

IMG_4600It was not easy to sit down since the time (almost 14), but the kindness of the owners of the restaurant allowed us to enjoy a good lunch. It was not easy to choose between the different specialties of the house (mostly valtellinesi) but in the end we opted for the daily menu consisting of mixed starters (two varieties of breasola, crude, lard ...), Taragna osso buco with polenta and porcini mushrooms e un choice of dessert, between the homemade desserts. All of the modest sum of 24 Euro person. The right blend quality and taste.

Back in Milan satiated and happy, I visited the website of the restaurant and found that The Crotto del Lupo boasts a tradition that has lasted for 134 age. “It all started”, we read on the site, “in 1870 when a builder in the area and his wife decide to build your life by crotto where the family business. The venue itself is already at the end of the meeting of the 800 residents of the area and the reference point for strangers. In 1978 management goes hand in two valtellinesi that transform the restaurant into a rustic and refined by introducing the Valtellina cuisine restaurant, according to the most ancient traditions. After about 20 Years Mario and Cesare are still crotto to offer a traditional cuisine and genuine suitable for those who looking for the flavors of the mountains”.

Recommended by Modaestyle: bon appetite!