Ilaria, when the passion for make-up becomes a profession

Inventing a job, starting with an unbridled passion can. Especially when this passion rhymes with shopping and make-up. We met Ilaria Previati, who opened the doors of his world, inviting us to an evening not to be missed where the protagonists will be just you.
Ilaria parlaci di te, Who are you and what is your profession?
Hello, are Ilaria, I 34 years and grow up I want to be a model .... no jokes aside by, Now I deal with personal shopping for makeup (MPS), ma of 'great', I want to do the make-up artist (BEFORE). I have yet to figure out how long I have before becoming 'great' ...

In that sense, you're not already MUA?
Yes, only that for now I do not like and how I wish .... Since they are little known, both as MUA, both as MPS, I can not get all the busy days, every week and every month. Also I thought that I would have worked more with the brides, instead they call me more photographers! Not that I mind but obviously a bridal makeup leads to greater compensation and less work.

What are the difficulties in carrying out your work today?
Come MUA, competition. Obviously there are a lot more prepared than me MUA, people with more knowledge of 'right' and more competent. For example, know how to make the folds and wedding hairstyles.

E tu?
Io no, I arrange because the hair is another aspect of the beauty that I like to take care, see? (indicates the long hair to mid-back). So I can do some bun, some crop, but nothing exceptional. Since September, however, I will work with a hairdresser with which we have provided training sessions: I will teach you to make up and he will teach me to "style".
But I took a course from lash / brow designer (eyelashes and eyebrows, ed).

What does a lash / brow designer?
Basically we care about the beauty of this area (indica l’occhio) through permanent and eyelash tint, hair removal and filling of the eyebrows. There are those who also does eyelash extention, but for now I do not.

Let's go back to the discourse shopping ...

Many are calling for information, but then when you pull back an appointment. They do not understand the value of service: it is true that in the face of certain purchases going to spend more (little more) that if I bought alone (because certain to enjoy all the discounts but also pay the service of a personal shopper, ed) but they are shrewd purchases, precise, focused on your needs, also budget!

So no nasty surprises?
Exact! Also, per lo shopping futuro, the client learns to choose independently, the dove, how and why. Without considering the concepts and techniques on makeup to Know, but above all that I interfaced with the orders of the various stores without forcing any kind of purchase if not the most suitable to my customers. The beauty of a MPS is that not only knows the products of a certain house or line, but he knows a lot and is able to compare them and propose the best at an affordable price.

Then, it is as if, going to buy clothes, you learn to do it by himself, where to buy the fabric and
accessories needed to achieve, without spending too much?
Precisely. In addition, I'll also figure out what you're best and why, and on what occasions it is better to look than another.

Who are your customers?
Come MUA, as you mentioned, mainly call me photographers or agencies that organize events (kind to the Italian Fashion Bloggers 25/26 June, ed). Sometimes working in the perfume as MUA for major brands. As MPS I started with longtime friends. But actually the very first was a girl who was the inspiration for this! And to say that I did not know either ... we met on the facebook page of a country close to our ... saw that I was passionate about makeup and asked me to help her with a few lessons and shopping targeted. From there came the idea to make a personal shopping for makeup. But in reality it's something that I've always done in the past, with friends
Now I contact women of various ages, some start at zero, who want to learn to put on makeup, and to recognize quality products. I made known to them Madina, Mac, Essence, Kiko, Inglot, Sephora and their exclusive brands: as you can see not only expensive brands, would be too easy!
Now we go alone and independently choose.

What are the best products for a perfect makeup?
You have to figure out which pencil to use and for what; apart from the distinction eye / brow / lip, among those eye there are very soft and smooth. Do not go well for all uses!
Also brushes: I can not (so to speak) to use the stumps of the blades, Use brushes only real. Not necessarily 20/30 €, long as they have the right shape and are soft enough. For example, use some brushes 3 or 6 € I find water and soap!! For some functions, however,, Use the Mac or other brands non-economic.
And then the mascara: better to have only one but makes you beautiful eyelashes, long and volumized but without lumps 3 mediocre. On this product I think is worth spending more, I have not yet found of economic performance but, while on the other I found some inexpensive alternatives.

This summer as makeup tips for a special occasion?
D’estate, the heat, Board of star light ... because we are all more beautiful tanned. Also it is hard to think of a trick that is really good at all! But if I were to express my preference ... I would opt for a gold or pearl shimmer on the eyelid, which enhances the tanning, lying tapping, leaving the rest of the naked eye. Then I would stress the rhyme of the lashes with a black and lots of mascara bell'eyeliner. Gloss or lipstick "nude" or nearly so, and a touch of blush on the cheeks. Super groomed eyebrows, of course ...

But the points of greatest importance, those to be exploited more, what are?
(Ride) Maybe you already understand: for me long eyelashes and thick, groomed eyebrows are already a good 40/50% of Trucco.
Then the skin, accurate and uniform, but illuminated and darkened in the right places, dark circles and imperfections covered ad hoc, make another 40/50%. The rest is secondary. For example, I do not go out even to take your dog out if I have the concealer and eyebrows drawn. And to think that they are already quite thick!

Be the star of a short evening where there will be only you, Would you talk about, and invite our readers?
Abbiamo created this event at Fiat Open Lounge because despite being in the heart of Milan (in. Tocqueville 3, Garibaldi area) is open. I and other colleagues (di Moon Image Design, ed) 'll take care of hands and "hair and makeup"!!! It will be very nice because everything will be done while we chat, having a drink and gusta the fantastic buffet of Fiat. We are also very proud of the sponsors of the evening: Maybelline e Davines. To take advantage of the services, simply presented on behalf of 'LIST BEAUTY'. We look forward to the 23 July from 18 up to 2!
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