On the agenda for today: the book on the case Emanuela Orlandi

Cop GEI Emanuela 18:Cop LBR Tardara 03Emanuela, a small matter of time”. It’ the book which will be discussed in Milan with author Thursday 28 November, to 18.00.
L'incontro, open to the public, will take place in the gallery of the Old San focacceria Francesco di via San Paolo 13, behind the Duomo, Thursday 28 November at hours 18.00.

The disappearance of Emanuela Orlandi, unfortunately, is a true fact. How true are all reported events by the characters in the book that, vice versa, are fictional. Claudia, policewoman on duty in Rome (come l’autrice Anna Franceschi), is an investigator who, in the middle of the survey, understands the link between Rome, Sicily and the Milanese banks.

Co-star is Monsignor Sousa, South American Jesuit who works at the Vatican. This particular coincidence is not the only one with a prophetic flavor (the book was written well before the ascent to the papacy of Pope Francis). The conclusions arrived Claudia are now at the center of many controversies that this case still raises.
"The investigation is still open," said Anna Franceschi "because by law a kidnapping ends only with the discovery of the seized. Ma in 30
years of real news there have been few. The important elements are, I think, already known from time. Even the son of Roberto Calvi, Carlo, said
clearly the existence of a link between the kidnapping of Emanuela and the events of 'Ambrosiano. And he certainly is no shortage of qualified information sources and
original documents ".
Also for this involvement of Italian finance, it was decided to organize the event in Milan. To analyze the facts and the inferences that contains, with author Anna Franceschi, will Eleanor Montani, professor of criminology at 'Bocconi University, and Alexander Secciani, financial journalist who also founded and directed the contemporary history of monthly Millenovecento.