Who we are

monicaIevathe website modaestyle.it was created with the intention of informing his readers and his readers on initiatives, events and news in the fashion and lifestyle.

We were small, but we are growing, focusing primarily on the quality of the items to be proposed, with clear language, but at the same time smooth and pleasant to read.

Our goal is to create a large community of fans and followers that they can interact with our site and, over time, cooperate through the exchange of mutual information.

ModaeStyle deals with fashion, beauty, social, but also of food, Books, art and current events, with an approach sometimes formal and increasingly making its mark with a youthful and dynamic language. And we show our face!

We love to share and receive contributions from anyone: blogger, Journalists, but also ordinary people can communicate their talent or their ideas. We interview the protagonists of initiatives or activities that we believe are original and interesting; we test the products and we present our choices in the field of fashion and trends.

We participate in person at events, fashion shows and presentations to tell you our point of view, with a critical eye and irreverent if possible.

We try to offer you the most interesting news, sometimes even more incredible that the web offers us.

Our team is growing, as the ideas we have to make this portal a major point of encounter and interaction between contributors and readers. We journalists, Style list e blogger, and we think that putting together our experiences can be a value-added unprecedented. The oral a voi.


For collaborations, sending products / garments and requests for editorial writing in: rennamoni@gmail.com, eva.rondinelli@gmail.com

To send press releases, write a press days and events: monica@modaestyle.it, eva@modaestyle.it and rennamoni@gmail.com, eva.rondinelli@gmail.com specifying in the request

Moda e Style is also the press office. Contact us at one of the addresses listed above to request information.