“Fashion tells the history” all'Accademia the Lusso

On the occasion of the 150th year of’Unità d’Italia, Accademia del Lusso gives its contribution to the expected national event promoting a series of initiatives.
Just in June at the premises of Milan, Treviso, Rome and Palermo the best projects, born from the confrontation with the theme of the sesquicentennial, will be exhibited and presented to the public, criticism and who will be pleased to discover how an institute of fashion can (re)interpret one of the most important historical moments of our country. A country that has made its flagship fashion, reaching heights and targets envied around the world, because the Made in Italy, Italian Fashion is the top. No more words needed.

Two key moments of this event. The seminar will compare historical moments, with the participation of sociologists, designers, designers and companies with the aim to enrich the cultural background of each participant with insights and reflections with a very interesting view on everything that has influenced and still influence the Made in Italy. The second will be a moment exhibition, where all the students of Accademia Del Lusso present their work through a celebratory parade and an exhibition with a constant reminder of the past.

Program of the event 9 June in Milan:

Hours 16.30
Apertura Workshop: through five scenarios analyzed guests and live experiences around the theme of the day analyzed by laboratories of the faculty of Academy of Luxury. I Workshop saranno:
• Made in Italy: “From know-how to the Italian Luxury System – Evolution of the marketing of the Italian Fashion System
• Communication: “Communicate Italy - Changes to the statement of the last 150 age"How has it changed the way we communicate these in Italy 150 age? What does it mean to communicate Italy, Made in Italy and the Italian spirit in our country and around the world?
• Web: From Global to Glocal thanks to the web - the fashion across the web 2.0”: a workshop in which you will discover the many services that the web has developed the Lifestyle Italian and Made in Italy and how it makes it accessible to a population of users Globalized.
• History of Fashion and Costume: “The fashion in our 150 age”: 150 Years of Italian Fashion, always an expression of history, creativity and lifestyle that only our country has offered and still offers.
• Photography: “Communicate,writing with light”: is the only means of story that has passed unscathed over this century and a half. The workshop will analyze the development of the languages ​​of the photograph in 150 years and tell how some great photographs have become true symbols that influence the thinking and behavior of our country.

Hours 17.00
Seminar on "Fashion tells the story”: Accademia del Lusso in which a round table will discuss various professionals to identify points of contact between society, history and creativity that have inspired the fashion of the last 150 age.

Hours 19.15
Cocktail: Catering e rinfresco ispirato al Food and Wine Italiano

Hours 20.00
Performance: "The magic that unites us"

Hours 20.15
Sfilata celebrativa “150 dell’Unità d’Italia: Fashion tells the history ": closing parade of the year 2010/2011 consists of a selection of dresses created by the students of Academy of Luxury locations throughout Italy