-Diego&LaPinaRadioDJ®Meschina-42621933 – 2013, the Crocodile world's most popular computing has its first 80 years, with a charming party, elegant and rich characters of the first order. Thursday 21 March at 20:00, to 7 ° piano of the Rinascente Milan Piazza Duomo, Lacoste celebrated the anniversary with an exclusive event attended by 250 selected guests (including us Modaestyle). Many famous faces who celebrated the brand, we have crossed several, of Martina Stella a Martina Colombari with her husband Billy Costacurta, Federica Fontana, Giorgio Pasotti, Federica Nargi, Elenoire Casalegno, Monica Gasparini, Paola Barale, the well-known conductor of Radio Deejay La Pina, Diego Passoni, Federico Russo and Marina Passera.
One of cakes that recall the brand's imagery – by the famous, racket and ball, the crocodile – to taste with the famous French sparkling wine Moët & Chandon, guests attended a performance of visual VJ Glamnoise. The evocative VJ-Set retraced the sporting past René Lacoste, capturing the creative genius that inspired the birth of his pole. On the lovely terrace location of a pole-size, and behind the Duomo in Milan, thanks to the technique of mapping served as the backdrop for a spectacular projection, conjuring evocative images of polo classic, limited edition, special projects proposed in the 80 years of Lacoste. The event was accompanied by the best music signed by David Monteverdi.
An elegant celebration, class and very friendly and impeccable catering. Thanks to the staff and to the press offices that follow the brand for having invited Modaestyle!