We read? Here are the choices of Fashion and Style

Reading is the most healthful pastime that is known. If we put in our book bag, what accompanies us as we go to work or just before falling asleep at night, the days and so many expectations to which we are subjected every day, seem more pleasant to “bear”. To you the books we have selected these days for your moments of relaxation and culture!

Moda e Style returns to offer some outputs editorial, which in our opinion, are among the most interesting of the moment, senza nulla togliere ai best seller, that certainly deserve a mention, but that unlike other publications, do not need too many presentations. Four readings, four authors, that, for their life experiences or professional, have put on paper their emotions and a little’ of themselves.


piatto di copertina La Marmellata sul paninoOften the beginning of a new year coincides, especially for women, with the need for changes that require courage. Among the books that invite us to reflect The Jam on Bun, is not only a narrative text, ma anche uno strumento di formazione e di crescita. ll verbo spalmare è la metafora della nostra quotidianità di come affrontiamo cambiamenti e imprevisti. Un panino diviso a metà, open a jar of jam and a spoon: quante volte ci sarà capitata davanti agli occhi questa immagine. Ci sono persone che tolgono la mollica lasciando solo la crosta croccante, e su questa spalmano una confettura di marmellata, usually apricots, prugne o fragole. Altri preferiscono affettare una morbida pagnotta e spalmare pezzi interi di marmellata, spesso di arancia o di ciliegie. The verb spread reflects our everyday life: ci sono persone che rimangono in superficie, cercano di delimitare i propri confini, lasciandosi scivolare via l’opportunità di assaporare la loro vera essenza. Others appear imperfect, con un’anima votata al fato, unpredictability, to going beyond the horizon: questi ultimi, la marmellata sul panino la spalmano senza pensarci troppo sopra.
Cover price: 9,90 Euro
Publisher: Lightning Print
Author: Daniele Salvaggio


Cavolo“Your son is the mouth of truth. Only that always speaks out of turn, putting you perpetually embarrassed. Street, the supermarket, the hairdresser, in church. Everywhere. And audiences are transformed in the way of the cross whenever the reproaches of the teachers. But we are sure that what is wrong with him? It is full of energy and desire to do. Perhaps it is worth putting aside the idea of ​​prissy son and learn to have fun together. Children with imperfect imperfect moms. But happy”. VELLA. Do not need many presentations for the latest literary work of the journalist Irene Vella, that, insieme a Roberta Giovinazzo raccontano le loro esperienze da mamma a mamma, dalle criticità nell’affrontare nuove esperienza e dall’incapacità di gestirle come si vorrebbe. Un’avventura piena di incognite il rapporto tra madre e figlio, caratterizzato da continui scambi, joys and sorrows, but above all so much love, the strength of a mother who, perhaps, feels wrong, but that, indeed, survives its mistakes, even with much irony.

Cover price: 9,90 Euro
Publisher: Novecento Publisher
Author: Irene Vella, Roberta Giovinazzo


10872312_800755563331082_112908356_nThey called the book that will shock your senses. Then, parliamone, no filters. Incestuous love, gay ... just love. This novel is about a different kind of love, that goes beyond identity, beyond convention, etichetta e sovrastruttura e spiega al lettore come ogni relazione umana sia assai più complessa del gioco dei ruoli nei quali la vogliamo costringere. George, 52 years of intense life, extreme experiences, until the landing to the studies of psychoanalysis, with holistic approach, President of the Clinical Memoire, in Paris, che cura le dipendenze. Alexandre, his son, 25 age, a degree just taken that slips off like clothes too wide and a beauty to take your breath, suffers from panic attacks. Il ragazzo è alla disperata ricerca di un senso nella relazione con suo padre. Throwing out their tensions, ben presto verranno catapultati in un percorso karmico altamente evolutivo che li porterà a non essere irrimediabilmente più gli stessi.

Cover price: 9,90 Euro
Publisher: Clear – Given Dat unions
Author: Enrica Langiano

CopertinaVolevoFareAlessandra Pepe, Web Editor, Social Media Specialist, Blogger, presents its first editorial. The theme of the book is the blogosphere: anecdotes and quotes packaged with a pen captivating and honest. Plucks the strings of curiosity and conquer the desire of the author to clear doubts about the seriousness of the profession. You will know the stories and situations alien, entering a world that still raises uncertainties. The wise to reflect on the cultural change and sull'affermarsi a costume communicative interaction oriented to the sharing and the appearance on the scene of a new profession. E 'for those who demolishes the blogosphere ritendendola a place improvised and not competent. E 'for the insiders who Alessandra draws a smile. You've wondered what does a blogger all day? Probably yes, because the web is full of people who consider dubious bloggers, especially the fashion bloggers, wasters slacker. Senza voler sradicare del tutto le convinzioni di molti (since the serious and professional blogger there are few), This ironic essay stands as a manual to learn about the history of blogging and its development in Italy, come strumento mediatico e veicolo di competenze scrittori. The remaining? You'll have to find out, just reading.
Cover price: 11,00 Euro
Publisher: Feltrinelli
Author: Alessandra Pepe