Reading on the beach ... The advice of Fashion and Style

Abandoned under the sun between sunscreen and a refreshing swim, Al Fresco nella your camera or your un'amaca hostel. Any place, between relaxation and a nice break for themselves is an opportunity to devote himself to reading your favorite book or the bestseller of the moment. Whether you are at sea (best for you) or still in the city (unfortunately), Moda e Style has selected four volumes that will surely whet your curiosity. To put in your suitcase or bag, readings that will involve you and will not distract your attention: read, challenging, irreverent or reflexive. Here are the books recommended by Fashion and Style:

Stephen kingJoyland di Stephen king (Sperling & Copper)
Estate 1973, Heaven’s Bay, North Carolina. The college student Devin Jones takes a summer job at an amusement park. Upon arriving in the amusement park, populated by characters rather bizarre, Dev discovers that the place hides a grim secret: in the House of Horrors wanders in fact the ghost of a woman killed four years ago in a decidedly gloomy. To earn the longed salary, the guy should not only entertain children with his costume mascot, but also fight the evil that threatens Heaven's Bay. It, as in every script that respects, defend the girl he is in love.

sparkslarispostaThe answer is in the stars di Nicholas Sparks (Frassinelli / Sperling)
He had written a letter, and like every year it had set out to deliver it in his hands. In the happiest day of their lives. A snow-covered road, that a car loses control and crashes into. Driving the old Ira, wounded and in the grip of frost. The pain immobilizes, remain conscious is complicated, at least until right before his eyes takes shape a figure ... his beloved wife Ruth, that keeps him alive by telling stories that joined them for over 50 age.
Not far from the road, Sophia's life is about to change forever. The università, treacherous and violent ex-boyfriend, festivals and friends disappear into the night of stars he meets Luke. Fall in love with him inevitable, imagine a different future becomes a possible dream. A dream that only Luke can make real. As long as the secret that hides not destroy it. Ira and Ruth. Sophia e Luke. Two couples who seemingly have nothing in common, but that the fate to meet, in the most unexpected and exciting ways.

NZOI thought it was a friend and instead was a bitch di Irene Vella (Laurana Publisher)
Dear women this book is just for you. Because you know that sooner or later you will meet one of them touches: the so-called stronzamica, or "friend" who smiles in front and coaxing pantry, but behind can ruin your life. This book is also dedicated to all mothers. Why small stronzamiche are lurking for their daughters. Ready to humiliate, to make her suffer, to escluderle. Moreover bullying is a phenomenon also female, more subtle and ferocious than the male. The author in this book teaches women, including mothers, how to recognize at first glance stronzamiche, how to combat and defeat. Let's start with these questions: you happened to suffer because of some friend who turned out to be a bitch? Are you afraid that the same could happen to your daughter? If at least one of the two answers is yes, read this book.

vergognaWinning the shame, heal the traumas, autori Krishnananda / Amana (Feltrinelli)
A book that invites reflection, of inspiration and guidance, accompanied by an audio CD of meditation that helps to restore a natural state of vitality, love, depth and joy. The theme is love towards oneself. As we have lost? How to win him back? Three states of mind block our ability to love ourselves: fear, insecurity and self-criticism. They can be so deeply rooted in our way of thinking, to be, to feel that they can drive our existence. Because of them we can be overwhelmed by shame, feeling intimidated or discouraged from taking the steps necessary to build the life you want to live. We may not know what are the steps to take, but it is possible to discover. The authors describe how to transform shame, the fear and trauma in positive mental states in order to bring forth from them empathy and compassion towards self and others.