Milan dances and goes wild with the Saturday Night Fever

The fever has already broken a few months ago, ma names if placa, is contagious and continues unabated. We watched the show twice, “The Saturday Night Fever"Is an irreverent musical, engaging, with a rich cast of characters and first-class professionals. In scena al National Theatre of Milan since last October, the musical produced by Stage Italia and directed by Carline Brouwer, Regista the musical and gives Chiara Noschese (unforgotten and recently starred in the musical "My goodness”), Associate Director and Resident Director of the show, like and do not get tired!

Each character, from Tony Manero of Gabrio Gentilini a Stefany Mangano of Marina Maniglio, of Laura Panzeri in the role of Annette, up to Disc Jockey played masterfully by Philip Strocchi, it is fun, curious, overwhelming (it is appropriate to say) for the interpretation, but also the professionalism in acting and dancing with great ease, as if they were the protagonists in the flesh of the story. One or more adjectives to each of them: Gabrio Gentilini, self-deprecating and sensual; Marina Maniglio, attractive and magnetic; Laura Panzeri, tenera and ingenua, and finally Filippo Strocchi, showman and a great artist.

What I love about this musical, which we hope to see even a third time, is that there are characters and performers of Series A or Series B, more good or less good dancers. All the boys of this production proved to be a revelation.

Do not want to forget the other actors that make this fabulous show: Lucianna De Falco (FloManero), Sebastiano Vinci (Frank Manerosr. / Fusco), James Buccheri (Frank Manero Jr.. / Jay), Massimiliano Academic Press (Bobby C.), Luca Santamorena (Double J.), Joseph Verzicco (Joey) and Samuel Horse (Gus). Congratulations to the cast of "Saturday Night Fever", for us to Moda e Style is and will remember him as a Success, which we hope will bring good luck, its protagonists.