Horticultural 2012: walking among flowers, plants and art workshops

Three days of flowers, plants of all kinds, but above all a fairy tale, for those who know. From Friday 11 of Domenica 13 May 2012 to Indro Montanelli Via Palestro in Milan back HORTICULTURAL, with numerous events and news not to be missed.

Let's start with THE PATH OF ROSES that involve 12 specialized nurseries, some for the first time in Orticola. Rose to discover, as the collection of historical grown in the Côte d'Azur, and the U.S. with a collection that includes more than 60 specimens, among which are those created by Tom Carruth. The exhibition also Banksiae Rosa 'Hybrid Castle', with very fragrant flower, created in 1920, Indian roses Viru Viraraghavan or even those born from the hands of Tantau, German hybridizer in 1964 gave birth to the first pink purple called Sissi.
And then ... THE PIANTA PROTAGONISTA, over 60 specimens, exposed as endangered or because they are more distant in time and in places or just because it is the most loved by the plant nursery!
And yet ... THE FONTANA palustre, as tradition, after the fog, jets of water synchronized, the natural compositions, This year the fountain in front of the courtyard of the Palazzo Dugnani become an active part of the exhibition, giving home to an exhibition of wild plants of the swamp, made in collaboration with Italian and Our Boscoincittà, section of Milan.
The plants are housed in Horticultural aquatic and hydric, can be found at the pond of botanic garden Boscoincittà at Cascina Romano, where a group of volunteers can be found weekly to explore the territory, identify and collect wild flower species that grow in streams and wetlands west of Milan.

Horticultural offers for this edition a selection of projects, systems and ideas that unite aesthetics, the high environmental compatibility, performance, the originality of their creations to make more feasible the idea of ​​'"garden home": by curtain-wall to extend the ecological garden vertically to different tables in which to sow, concimare, collect, the multifunctional piece of furniture that comes from the need to work the land with less effort, more pleasure, to classic and timeless wooden box.

Horticultural signing an important agreement with the Riccardo Catella Foundation, in collaboration with Expo 2015 and sponsored by the City of Milan. "I cultivate – Garden to school ", a project of food and environmental education for children that provides for the accommodation of the courtyards of the city's public schools with the design and implementation of educational gardens.
Horticultural di Lombardia will be responsible for the design and construction of sites and the management of labor. The first two primary schools involved in the initiative are the Institute Comprehensive "Renzo Pezzani" via Martinengo and the Institute Comprehensive "Italo Calvino" via Carnovali.

The host of this year's Andrea Salvetti, Scultore and Tuscan designer, with "Anchors Aweigh" , operates the 2011 exhibited last year at the exhibition organized by Material Word Sotheby’s al Sudeley Castle.
La mela, symbol of the earth, has raised since the dawn of time emotions, inspirations and ideas. A Horticultural this is Apple, a ceramic sculpture created by Brazilian designer Lisa Pappon per Bull & Stein.
Each family of fishermen jealously guarding its weathervane on top of the trees of his own boat to get to know the wind direction; are wrought iron or copper with representations of animals especially, as what Antonio Colonna, exhibited in Horticultural.

And like every year, visitors can participate, free, lessons with gardeners and gardening experts, book presentations, demonstration of floral arrangements and workshops for children and adults to learn how to properly use plants and materials or to play with flowers and fruit.

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