Optics Photo Finzi: Competence, quality, sympathy

foto(2)Small local, but that provide ad hoc services for its customers. Today we will discuss Optics Photo Finzi, historic shop in Milan, past few years in the hands of Manuel Alberto Finzi.
We know and appreciate different stores, anche online, where to buy cheap frames, But what we can tell you in total honesty is that the quality of products Optics Photo Finzi, which we use to 14 years has never been equaled, nor even exceeded.

Among its products includes well known brands to the most hardcore fashionistas and niche products of excellent quality. Why use by Optics Photo Finzi? Leaving aside the courtesy and speed of service, dwelling on the choice on offer in shop, you can certainly find brands of high-level, but most models almost unique, shooting for Milan challenge anyone to find (scrivetecelo in this case).

Peculiarities not negligible for those, In addition to quality, like not having to conform to the mass. Especially for those who, come noi, made an integral part of their frames of their look, the search for the “particular” is essential as a mascara that does not make your eyelashes stuck together or as far as the tie more suited for a man.
You can find Manuel to welcome you in Piazza Zavattari n°4.Competence, Quality, sympathy and a long family tradition that hope it will continue with the new generations!