Paul Panzacchi, a can il “our” Writer

Moda e Style, a container of beautiful things, frivolities, fashion, beauty, but also current affairs and social, to support our small association for the help of four-legged friends and foundations for research on diseases that often take away our loved ones. We chose to have a thousand facets which we are; tra feeling and materialism, tell us through our reviews, Travel and opinions with the important milestone that guides our every action; the strength to keep the ranks of what is life, in respect of each person who crosses our path or with whom we are collaborating.

DSC_0205For this reason and for the reasons that you will discover from time to time, arrive here today, between the new sections of Moda e Style, Paul Panzacchi and “The last station of my train“; collection of thoughts, emotions and life of this writer bolognese.

To present to you dear readers , if you not yet know, choose to share the brief description that Paul himself is sewn:

Born in Sassuolo by chance, a life in Bologna, either live Ferrara.

Married to Elena, I stand with stoic effort.

Writer (say), photographer (I say), blogger (what is).

Colored handkerchief from his pocket, glasses on the tip of the nose to give me a tone,, hundred thousand ideas in the pockets.

Every once in a’ idea escapes and becomes a reality.

If ho qualsosa omesso, if you want to know more, do not be shy, ask, if I want to answer.”

For us, a young man who has a lot to say and we welcome into our newsroom with open arms!

In the meantime you can discover it and appreciate it through his thoughts, Moda e Style greets you dearly!