Sherry Argov: “Fouls suffered – Men prefer bitches”

falli-soffrire-gli-uomini-preferiscono-le-stronzeDependence on the partner, syndrome nurse. Here's to You… two of the wounds of love life female.

Well, Sherry Argov with his “Fouls suffered – Men prefer bitches” stresses, with feminine detail, attitudes which prevent not to fall into clichés that inevitably lead our partners to lose interest in us, pointing the way to make it a “slave of love” the, save as much “the most beautiful” the man who made them capitulate, after an intense courtship, then leaving us with an inch of his nose…

The “stronza” of which the Argov speaks “… is not the "bitch behind the wheel" or the narrow-minded character who played Joan Collins in Dynasty. Nor is the classic "connect bitch", one that everyone hates to work.
The woman I speak of is gentle but strong. Has an energy underground. Not giving up one's life, and will never chase a man. Never allow a man to have one hundred percent control over her. And assert herself when he will go over the top.
He knows what he wants, but will not compromise to get it. It is female, as a "Flower of Steel", delicate outside, but strong-willed and determined within. Use this to your advantage femininity.
Not that take advantage of men, because it is a proper person, but it has something that is lacking in the "good girl": cool; not carried away by romantic fantasies. The cold-blooded allows it to exercise its power when it is necessary.
Moreover, has the ability to remain calm under pressure. While the "good girl" gives and gives, until it is completely emptied, the real woman knows when to avoid.

And more “First law of charm: Everything in life that people hunt, flees” , “The major element of discontinuity between the good girl and the bitch is fear. The bitch shows that they have no fear of being alone”, “Many women talk too much because they are nervous, thing that men always perceive it as a sign of insecurity” ..

We could go on for hours with quote “precious pearls” from this volume that, we believe every woman should keep on your bedside table as a permanent warning but, being spontaneous reflection that breaks each line the most interesting part, we do not want to deprive you of a moment so important over. Please browse through our memories in a fist fight to return to the surface and, with a sequence tragicomic protagonists see, more or less conscious, in the part of “good girl” designed for a swoon loving seamless.

This is not a book feminist, much less sexist. It’ In our opinion, the attitudes suggested by Argov, its “praise” the bitches, are no more than an invitation to the recovery of their self-esteem, of its dignity, because clouded by sentiment and fear of losing’ beloved, too often descend to terms with sometimes surreal situations caused by ourselves; falling into a spiral of emotional cataclysms of the difficult, if not impossible Management. And we know very well how a woman is emotional “dangerous” for himself and for men!sherry

Ultimately an invitation to do not lose control, first of all to ourselves, at the sound of I'm here to ride the train. I'll tell you where you go and where you go”, keep clear identity and its own space. So be strong women and fairs!

Originally from Connetticut Shelly Argov is not only a writer, but radio playwright and author, working with newspapers such as “Cosmopolitan“, “It, “Glamor” and “Esquire” ; with his “Big-suffering men prefer bitches” and the recent updated version “Big-suffering men prefer bitches 2.0” has captivated audiences reaping success spanning over 6 age! Success also due to word of mouth among readers.

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