Just for Two: The restaurant accommodates only two customers and offers plenty of excitement

Solo per due 1Sitting at a table in a restaurant and be just the two of you. No other, around the world outside. Is there such a place, a restaurant unique to Vacone (RI): is called “Only two“, is the smallest restaurant in the world: has only one table and accepts exclusively two people per meal. There are no queues, file, turni d’attesa. All the attention of the staff is dedicated to two people who have booked.

It’ the right place, where to find a little’ intimacy, protagonists feel a little dream and live a unique experience, as well as enjoy an excellent menu, customizable depending on the needs.


Solo per due 6Moda e Style interviewed Giovanni Di Claudio that has only two, where romance and love meet in a party that involves the senses and taste.

How and when did the idea to dedicate a restaurant “Only two”?

Perdue was born only 25 years ago; the main goal was to create a restaurant dedicated exclusively to the celebration of the dinner of love. In fact, There are many wonderful restaurants in the world, but none specific for this aspect: I'll explain, the problem of managing the dinner of love is to have no other distractions, that is, for example, to celebrate a wedding at the same time. Many restaurants have tried to copy our idea, but their limit is to be structures suitable for different purposes, with the ability to serve multiple tables, resulting in a loss of attention to the central event of the two lovers.

Solo per due 5Let's talk about hospitality and services.

The welcome is a fundamental aspect, that starts when the guests, upon their arrival, crossing the entrance gate of Solo Per Due and park in the center of the square, surrounded by torches and palm trees; need not be worried to take a shot at the car door of another customer. They will calm that their car will be a queen for the night in the middle of a stage. Guests then will drop down from the car and follow a path of torches that illuminate the archaeological ruins of the villa attributed to the Roman poet Horace, so will start the evening….
The services that we can provide are many and suitable for every need; In general I can say that the cost of the dinner is included details relating to all the features of the dinner. It's not all, for those who wish to propose other initiatives such as fireworks custom, transfer services with driver, limousine, musicians, special floral arrangements that can be adapted to special guests and to live an authentic dream.

tiramisù SOLO PER DUELet's menus on request?

The menu is just one of the many details that are agreed at the time of confirmation. The menu is always the custom of the directives issued by the guests.

Is there any particular anecdote or some host that has particularly excited that we would like to mention?

This is the question that makes us more pleasure, because we live every night a whirlwind of emotions and tensions that are difficult to describe. This is probably due to the fact that our fundamental work is to unleash the emotions during the celebration dinner of love. To do this properly I think we should be naturally predisposed to perceive and to trigger it but without any invasion, trying to perceive what he wants to communicate to each other and trasmttere. Who is here not only wants to eat divinely, we say that this aspect is, paradoxically, sometimes even secondary.

FireworksMake yourself available to your guests to write a book where their thoughts… How many do you have accumulated over the years? Do you have an archive? Have you ever read any history?

Si i “Books thoughts” are today 25. This is not simple guestbook, but a veritable encyclopedia of love and lovers, a new arts of Ovid's amatory memory, oivviamente that we read every night and that is available to all our guests.


C'Is little to add to this enchanted and enchanting. Now close your eyes and imagine yourself with your sweetie sitting at the table, soft lighting, candelabri accessibility. And it is magic. This is the place where the world is for an evening Just for Two.