Tere are: accessori NewYork style, Tranzglam

Zara tere Zimmerman. A name, not yet known in Italy, but that bodes well, to consider the collection that we could see. Zara is a young New York designer, Italian origins (Neapolitan for the accuracy) that is gaining immense popularity among the young and sexy American stars, thanks to its extravagant creations, originals and suitable for any occasion, even more special. Zara has granted ModaeStyle interview where we know a little’ the best artist and carry us into the fantastic world Tranzglam!

If I could describe in a few but effective words would you use terms such as your creations?
, cioè all’avanguardia, Unique, practices, Versatile, Tranzglam and Transformational Glamour: this is a concept created by me that gives my accessories quality “transformation” that surprises and delights thanks to the multi-functionality and multi-appearance of a fashion accessory).

What is your source of inspiration?
My family and my friends. I grew up on the beaches of New York, and
Manhattan has become my home. The frenetic movement of the city combined with the calm beauty of the water gave me a hand in finding the inspiration for the shapes and the color palette that I use. Drawing what I'd wear and what they like both my family and my friends.

How to choose the materials for your creations?
Il brand ZT by Tere are is not only Glamor New York and TranZglam, but also of value and quality. For all accessories that create, we ensure the highest quality and highest value possible. But I can not say more ...

What advice look for a very special evening?
One of the trendiest colors for this summer will definitely be the tending to pink coral. The color is generally very important to add a finishing touch to your outfit. I would say that "less is always more"... Take a simple dress from your wardrobe and match it with a magnificent and fabulous accessory that everyone can not help but talk about it!

Where can we find your creations in Italy?
At the moment you can find accessories for ZT by Zara Terez on QVC Italia, TV channel dedicated to those who love shopping ...

When we will see you in our country?
I plan to return to Italy when I present the new collection of my brand ... So follow me!