Love too? We want a cure – LAST EPISODE

Woman Looking at ReflectionThe end of a relationship for many women is a therapy to be born or reborn as women, while not ceasing to love too ... An awareness had never previously, attention toward themselves as constant, although we must admit that the psychological aspect takes a lot more to "heal". Distinguiamo, therefore, self research from healing. There are two distinct paths that have different timing and means.

It is very important to love more, in the long run because it allows us to improve our general living conditions and also the outside world perceive our evolution. That which we manifest externally is a reflection of what is in the deepest part of us: what we think of our value, of our right to happiness, what we believe we deserve from life. When changing these beliefs, also changes our lives. It seems hard to believe, and in fact it is, but it is so, for all.

How to heal then? There are many rules to follow, and you have to follow them all, con rigore. Putimages by wounded pride and stop thinking: I can not do! It should first of all seek help and consider their healing a priority that has the right of precedence over any other. A medium that can be found in a support group made up of people who can understand the situation, because maybe also live. It may seem silly, and not a little getting used to but it helps to develop their spiritual side, andffettuando daily exercises; free yourself from your obsessions and especially stop directing and controlling others. Slowly you will learn to deal with your problems and your personal failings, succeeding in the second round to better understand your needs and satisfy them. You have to, in a nutshell, become a bit 'more selfish or become altogether. You will see that you will get much more from yourself and from others. Do not be, then, afraid to share with your peers or with other women who have experienced this on you and you've learned to put into practice. And a healthy biofeedback will help further: repeat yourself several times a day because you're special, anything that you can put in a good mood; This will dispel the negative thoughts, the destructive feelings, to start out on a path of positive total.

police26Who do you hope to become? If you already have the hope of "change", then you are already half way. You will no longer bearers "insane" too much love if you learn to accept yourself and others for who they are, without wanting to necessarily change or shape to meet customer needs.

Parola d’ordine amarsi! To love one's personality, l’aspetto, beliefs, i assert, their body (left a little 'too go), interests, the talent. Focusing only on themselves.

You will be more open and confident with those who deserve it, will not be afraid to let people know you at a personal level deep; learn by now to recognize people who have no regard towards you, you'll be more wary, yes, but above all, ready to cut ties immediately if you understand that a hypothetical relationship could not make good.

You will no longer fall prey to anxiety or depressive states if something does not go your way, and you'll still support and understanding of the people who love you.

You will appreciate and will defend with every weapon at your disposal your serenity, almost do not remember the reasons and the people who made you suffer in the past; everything that you will put at the first place you'll be YOU.

Finally note that you will take a report to run on the same floor must see the two partners, who share their interests and needs in a balanced way, no ifs, ands or buts.


We dedicate this article to all women who love or have loved, and too often 00921are canceled for love. Women who in some cases have not realized how much you really love her, without even admit it to themselves.

Love is a fire that must be fed on several fronts, so that they may warm the heart of someone who loves and is loved. If this does not happen or you are distracted even momentarily this fire goes out and hardly can be born from the ashes new life.

Our hope for women who love too much is to take time awareness of your feelings, do not be afraid to undress and prove your insecurities, and if anything were to end your story, distributed from your mistakes and try a new way of loving those who really deserve your love.


A special dedication to my team and to the loves of our lives, and to one in all, our faithful readers…


We forgot ... Here we describe a selection of the most popular aphorisms Robin Norwood ... There we found, true?

If we are really healing, Call certainly not a man to tell him that we have no intention of talking.

When people are really trying to change, no forgiveness time parlarne. I'm too busy to do so.

Love themselves enough to overcome addiction is a prerequisite for loving another person.


To overcome the resentment, the other person just wish it well and pray that it reaches


We receive what we hope to others, So wish it all the best!


Any behavior between human beings that is not honest, open and affectionate, has its roots in fear.


Usually men most fear of being suffocated by the partner, while women are more afraid of being abandoned.


Men and women with relationship problems pulling up sons and daughters bound to suffer in the same way.


The love for one person holds the emotional stability not disorder.


The ability to love another person from a heart full bloom, not by a vacuum.


Everyday, look in the mirror, say your name and add: “I love you and accept you for exactly who you are”.


It’ through forgiveness that we learn the lesson which our soul has chosen this existence.


If all that we have done so far had really worked, we would not need to heal.


Pain is the wisest of counselors who knocks at our door.


One of the primary characteristics of loving too is an absolute dependence, often masked by the apparent strength.


For many of us the key to healing is learning to do exactly the opposite of what we've always done.


Do not make threats that you are not able to put into practice; rather, better not to do at all.